Pikipek Pokémon Plush - 9in/23cm

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The Special Pikipek

Pikipek is an avian Pokémon with black plumage. Its gray beak is long with a pointed, black tip, and it has large blue eyes. There is a white, mask-like marking on its face. This marking extends down its neck before ending in a tuft of feathers on its chest. A large crest sweeps upward from the back of its head with a red stripe along the top that ends at its beak. The undersides of its wings are white, and it has thin gray legs and feet. It has a flat tail.

Despite its slender appearance, Pikipek has powerful neck muscles and is able to strike 16 times per second with its beak. This allows it to not only drill through wood, but shatter stone as well. The holes it drills in trees are used for nesting, storing food, and collecting small, glittering objects. The noise of this Pokémon pecking can be used to communicate with others. This Pokémon feeds on Berries and is able to attack opponents by zipping the leftover seeds at them. These shots have enough force to embed the seeds in trees. Talonflame is a natural predator of Pikipek.

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