About us

Hello and Welcome to GoPokeShop!

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”About us” 

GoPokeShop is made and driven by a Swedish Pokémon fan named Hampus.

The company behind GoPokeShop is ”Alset Sweden AB” which is a Swedish based company. 
GoPokeShop have been around since 2018 and have since then been growing both with new products and new happy customers.

GoPokeShops goal is to be the #1 Pokemon fan store in the world! By providing the worlds biggest & best Pokemon gear collection at the best prices. FREE worldwide shipping & World class customer support.

The GoPokeShop Story”

GoPokeShop has been around since 2018 - and it all started when Pokemon Go launched.
Hampus wanted to buy some cool Pokemon gear when he played Pokemon GO, but soon realized - there is no super awesome place that Pokemon trainers & Pokemon fans can turn to when they are in need!

He figured that it must be more people like him... Disappointed Pokemon trainers & Pokemon fans that don't have all the Pokemon gear that they want and NEED! Think about it; all the cute Pokemon plushies, pikachu figures, awesome clothing (I mean, you can have a hoodie that looks like a Pokeball while you are playing Pokemon!!) and there is so much more!!

So after a while, he decided to create his own Pokemon shop!
Easier said than done…

But after lots of researching, product testing and discussions with other trainers & fans - GoPokeShop finally was created!

So GoPokeShop is created; By Pokemon trainers & Fans - for - Pokemon Trainers & Fans <3


”Contact us”


If you have any questions, product wishes, improvement suggestions or just want to say Hi and tell us your favorite Pokemon.

Send us an email at: hello@gopokeshop.com and we will reply as soon as possible :)

Thank you for visiting GoPokeShop, we hope that you will enjoy our shop - Keep being Awesome!