About us

GoPokeShop is made and driven by a Swedish Pokémon fan named Hampus.

The company behind GoPokeShop is ”Alset Sweden AB” which is a Swedish-based company. 

Hampus had a vision to provide Pokémon fans all over the world with the best products, toys, and accessories in the space!

It all started in 2018 and since then the assortment have just gotten better and wider and we continue to provide Pokémon fans and enthusiasts with wonderful products that suits their needs.

GoPokeShops goal is to be THE #1 Pokémon fan-store in the world!

By providing the world's biggest & best Pokémon gear collection at the best prices with the best service.

FREE Worldwide Shipping & world-class customer support.

The GoPokeShop Adventure–

GoPokeShop has been around since 2018 - and it all started when Pokemon Go launched.

Hampus wanted to buy some cool Pokemon gear when he played Pokemon GO -

but he soon realized - there is no super awesome place that Pokemon trainers & fans can turn to when they are in need!

He figured there must be more people like him...

Disappointed Pokemon trainers & fans who don't have all the Pokemon gear they NEED and want!

So after a while, he decided to create his own Pokemon shop!

Easier said than done…

After endless hours of research, product testing, and discussions later with other trainers & fans...

GoPokeShop finally became real!

So GoPokeShop created; By Pokemon trainers & Fans - for - Pokemon Trainers & Fans <3

Discover our extensive assortment of wonderful products now!

Contact Us- 

If you have any:

  • Questions
  • Product Wishes
  • Improvement or Suggestions

Or if you want to tell us your favorite Pokémon.

Send us an email at: hello@gopokeshop.com and we will reply as soon as possible :)

Thank you for visiting GoPokeShop, we hope that you will enjoy our shop

Keep being Awesome!